Paint chassis and restoration

A first base coat can be painted before the set final restoration and assembling. In most cases silver automotive paint, diluted in Paint thinner should be used. Zenith radios chassis are golden.

Bosch model 516 (505) from 1935. Oxidized chassis, FI coils laid horizontally wire fixed. On the left, an exotic miniwatt tube for the year and model.                

The same receiver as above. Intermediate restoration stage.

Zenith radio model 5B042, from 1946. In detail, a rectifying diode not in accordance to the set’s historical time.

The same radio above, after complete restoration.

Complete restoration of the model U.29T EKCO, made in England, 1946.

The photo shows the restoration of model J83 General Electric, USA 1932(33).

To remove rust can be used in dilute hydrochloric acid in water, about 1:10. You must to use gloves and safety glasses. However, the acid should be removed and cleaned with thinner or other solvent, for not to continue "rusting” the chassis…The thinner prepares the surface for painting.

There are many good products on the world to withdraw and protect surfaces with corrosion.

Daltro D’Arisbo
Radio collector and restorer

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